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Our Pastor

A word from our Pastor...

I welcome you to the webpage of the M.F. Chase Unity Memorial Church Organization, Incorporated. This church was founded on July 11, 1919 by Mae Francis Chase, a singing evangelist from Tindley Temple, Philadelphia, PA. During the years of the founder the church was known as the Unity Bible Class but upon her death the name was changed. Mother Chase was a school teacher by profession but was called into the gospel ministry. She came to Star Hill, Delaware proclaiming “Satan your kingdom must come down.” To this day we are proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and putting Satan on notice that his days are numbered. We are looking for Jesus to return and rapture His church one day from this earth but no man knows the day or the hour. Jesus is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle.

Information will be shared with you on this site to let you become familiar with the teachings of our church but most of all the teachings of the Word of God. The teachings of our church are based on the Bible with Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone and the apostles and prophets being the foundation [Ephesians 2:20].

Visit us often to read and listen to a latest word to you from the teachings of the Word of God.

May you be blessed and receive food to strengthen you in your Christian walk.



Lovingly in Christ’s service,

Elder Samuel L. Dixon,
ThB, MDiv, DMin, DRE

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